We are taking a natural product in its prime, and helping the product show itself to its maximum potential through the art of winemaking. Here we would like to tell you about all our winemaking practices that we follow through our sustainable growing procedures and our wineries spanning over 3,000 acres.

Vineyards & Wineries

Vineyards - The core of our pest & fungicide program is based around IPM (integrated Pest Management) which means we monitor our vines for pest pressure and then determine the best course of action in each situation rather than relying on a set rotation of wide spread spraying. Our fungicide and rot control inputs in central Washington are considerably lower than in other growing regions around the world because of lower precipitation (rain shadow effect) and colder winters which keep pest pressures lower overall. We focus on using products that are softer and many times could be used in “Organic” cultivation. We grow “balanced” healthy vines and fruit. When vines have a healthy balance they can generally protect themselves from standard pest pressures in their environment. The sustainability of our business’ and therefore our communities are based on how we treat not only the land but the people and community we are in. We also participate voluntarily in the ‘Vinewise’ sustainable wine growing program developed in collaboration with WSU. Wineries – We process all of our own wastewater, settle the water and spread along our vineyard roads for dust abatement. All fermented pomace is hauled out to our compost area where we rotate the pomace and manure. All pomace from our white juice grapes are taken to a local feedlot to feed the cows, we then use the same cow manure to blend with the fermented grape pomace and then spread through the vineyards as fertilizer. This process helps build the biom of our soil and helps reduce water use and our reliance on synthetic fertilizers. No Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) used at either facility. Most wineries use this as a filtering agent, but once used, it is sent to a landfill and is non-degradable.

Estate Grown Wines From Washington State

All our wines are estate grown and produced. What does this mean exactly? Well three major things make this a very special category in the wine industry. First is our wines are all sourced from the same AVA (American Viticulture Area) where we are located in Ancient Lakes and Wahluke Slope AVA. Second is all our grapes come from vineyards we own and control. Third is all our wines are produced, from crush to bottle, in a continuous process without leaving our premises. This is what makes Washington Wine Group a premiere producer out of Washington bringing typically high priced wines with the title "Estate Grown" at unparalleled values.

Gluten Free - Wines

All our wines are Gluten-Free per designation of The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau which allows wines to be labeled "gluten-free," we comply with the FDA's requirements of not being made with any gluten-containing grains and having less than 20 parts per million (ppm) gluten.

Vegan - Wines

All our wines have no animal-based fining agents used during the clarification process in production therefore all our wines are Vegan friendly.